10 common flowers and their meanings

Throughout the years, certain flowers have meant certain things. And if you would like to give flowers to someone, you have got to be aware of what a certain flower could mean. You could try asking a florist the meaning of a particular flower if you are interested in giving it to someone. Alternatively, you could try reading this article to get a better idea of the various meanings behind the most common flowers that you can give to someone. It would be much better for you to know the meaning of flowers before you go and send a bouquet to someone.

  1. Camellia - This pink flower was given by the English as a way to say their destiny was in someone's hand. While not overtly romantic, it still has got its roots in the meaning of saying something more romantic. You could try giving this flower to someone that you are courting.
  2. Hyacinth - Traditionally, this flower has been given as a form of apology. It is basically a way to say sorry in the language of flowers. However, over time Hyacinths can also mean that someone is expressing condolences for a recent trouble that has occurred in the past.
  3. Carnation - These flowers can come in all sorts of different colors. And each different color of carnation has different meanings. Commonly, the yellow ones are a way to show disdain. Pink carnations mean that they are never going to forget you. While white carnations are a symbol of innocence.
  4. Chamomile - This is a flower that is given to give strength to people who are going through tough times. Chamomile flowers are a symbol for getting more energy and adequate rest. And if someone is giving you a bouquet of Chamomile flowers, then it would mean that they are concerned about your health and energy levels.
  5. Goldenrod - A lot of people are allergic to Goldenrod, but its meaning actually is to encourage someone. You would normally see people sending Goldenrod flowers to people that are in the hospital as a way to encourage them to recover faster.
  6. Daffodils - These bright and cheery yellow flowers mean new or good beginnings. And you would normally see these kinds of flowers given away to people that are just planning on moving. If you know someone that has started a new job or moved to a new place, you could give them some Daffodils.
  7. Pansy - This subdued and delicate flower means memories and remembrance. And you would send this kind of flower to a friend to show them that you are reminiscing about your past with the. You could send this kind of flower to someone that you know, as a gesture to show that you remember them.
  8. Roses - These are probably the most well-known of the flowers on this list. And because they are most well-known, everybody probably already knows what it means. But for anyone that is not aware of what red Roses mean, then it actually means desire and love for someone.